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Echoing Memories

9’ / filmloop / singlechannel / 2k
Nominated Best Experimental - Shortcutz Awards 2019

A film as a 12-minute flow of consciousness rummaging through old and new stories, sounds and images of a building key in dutch music lore.

Situated in the historic centre of the city of Utrecht, it had a legendary status among music-stages in the Netherlands. From its violent inception to its closing in 2013, it was a whirlwind of the counterculture. Now that this legendary venue is set to be turned into a yuppie restaurant, this film goes all the way back, starting at the building's 800-year-old history. From its brick roots as a medieval monastery to centuries as an orphanage to headquarters for train workers during the industrial revolution. Interrupted by a short stay by the Nazi's, again it became a place for blue-collar Utrecht, until the local government unwisely let the building empty during the Punk and New Wave years: Punks and Squatters fought off riot police, rabid dogs and mounted riders to force their way into what came to be known as the legendary venue called Tivoli.

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