I spy, I spy
2k / Stereo / Single channel loop / 8'Expanded Cinema2015

For 5 years, I lived in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht. A chunk of eight apartment buildings was awaiting demolition and was subsequently turned into temporary student/artist housing that ran from 2010 until late 2015.  A kind of short-term gentrification, effectively creating a bubble that only skirted the neighbourhood that it was in, fittingly called Eiland8.

I SPY I SPY is a visual journey through this bubble with it’s sounds, music and images resulting in a mosaic of memories of its now former residents. The music, sounddesign, poetry and scenes were all sourced from people who lived there. 
I SPY I SPY was part of the “Dromen In Beton” exhibition of Centraal Museum in Utrecht, and was also exhibited at Central Station Utrecht at it’s opening.

Filmloop exhibited at:
“Dromen in Beton”  / Centraal Museum

15+ international filmfestivals

Poetry written and performed by: Coen Cornelis
Sounddesign: "Druis" by Mark IJzerman
Music: Pax & Pry, The Strangest Freaks and Kim Janssen

Supported by
Gemeente Utrecht
+31 (0) 6 51 06 91 79